Excel Unplugged

Scroll trouble in Excel (scrolling beyond your data)

Sometimes in Excel, we are just an innocent bystander when enthusiasm gets the better of people and they start drifting around Excel, inserting data in places where they weren’t supposed to. And even if they are so kind to remove any trace of their wayward journey, a scroll bar remembers it all. I call this Scroll Trouble in Excel. This post will show you how to make Excel “reset” the Scroll Bar in three different ways.

Just for reference, this is what we are talking about.

We have Data in Cells A1:A100. At this point the vertical Scroll Bar goes from row 1 to row 100.

Scroll trouble in Excel

Now someone decides to put something non trivial (something that includes some formatting like a date or currency) into cell A200. And it’s not a shock that at this point, the v