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First of, thank you for reading my blog and I hope it provided you with some useful information and has helped you to simplify your work in Excel.


My name is Gašper Kamenšek and I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I’m a lead author @ Excel Unplugged, where I try to share my knowledge and enthusiasm about Excel with as many people as I can. Excel is truly a passion for me and it seems to follow me home every day since I use it both professionally and for personal use. When I’m not lecturing Excel, I’m thrown into various BI projects consisting either of PowerPivot and SQL with Excel or VBA, which seem to be endless in it’s variations of applicability. The thing I find most fascinating about Excel is that although I use it every day, it still finds ways to surprise and amaze me. This blog is a testament to my amazement 🙂

With the 10/1/2016 I became the first and only Microsoft MVP for Excel in Slovenia and would like to thank Microsoft publicly for acknowledgement of my work and this blog.


Here are some of my certificates related to the subject:

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  1. Lukas says:

    Just found your blog via wmfexcel
    Nice job! I’ll be sure to check back.

    Cheers, Lukas

    1. Thanks Lukas. Nice to hear that you like it. Be glad to have you back.


  2. Jaša B. says:


    and I found this blog since Jon Peltier mentioned you today 🙂
    Looks cool – looking fwd to reading it in the evening.

    lp, Jaša

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