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The Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018

Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018

Jan Karel Pieterse and Tony de Jonker will give Excel enthusiasts reason for joy on the 7th and 8th of June 2018. This longest running Excel Conference in Europe is returning for the fifth time in a row! I have very fond memories of the Amsterdam Excel Summit and haven’t missed one since 2015.

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Excelebrities you’ll meet

Most noteworthy, this is a rare opportunity to meet some of the greatest Excel minds. Therefore no Excel enthusiast out there should miss it. This year the speaker lineup will include Bob Umlas (Excel MVP for 25 years and running), Ken Puls (World authority for Power Query), David Hoppe (a true Data Viz), Liam Bastick (his sense of humor can only be matched by his deep knowledge of Excel), Henk Vlootman (Power BI guru), Oz du Soleil (famous You Tube personality), Frédéric Le Guen (Excel MVP from France), Jan Karel Pieterse, Tony de Jonker and myself (Gašper Kamenšek).

You can read a more detailed description of all the speakers here.

Amsterdam Excel Summit MasterClasses

This is where this years event differs from previous years. Last year I was an opening act of the first MasterClass. This year there will be not one but two MasterClasses on the 8th. One will be The Excel Business Modeling And Reporting Masterclass featuring Henk Vlootman, Liam Bastick, Oz du Soleil, Frédéric Le Guen, Bob Umlas and Gašper Kamenšek and the second one entitled Master your data with PowerQuery with Ken Puls. These present you with the opportunity to see professionals in action and ask them anything on the given topic.

If you are interested in The Excel Business Modeling And Reporting Masterclass, you can look at the detailed schedule here. Also, you can find the details about the second MasterClass (Master your data with PowerQuery) here. If you ever witnessed Ken Puls in action you’ll know it’s well worth it. Also, it never hurts to learn about Power Query from the best!


In conclusion, I can honestly say that The Amsterdam Excel Summit has always been a great event. Join me and other Excel Professionals on the 7th and 8th of June and I’m sure you’ll have an Excellent time (see what I did there 🙂 ). Finally, this is not just a chance to listen to sessions. Also it’s a perfect opportunity to just spend time with us during the two days. See you there!