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Since the number of posts is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and have an overview of (also a slight misstep with the WordPress theme which does not support a complete overview on the HOME tab), I have decided to create this sub-page where my and readers favorite posts are handpicked and brought together for the readers.

Fill and Justify in Excel

My absolutely favorite post. It’s of a very little known tool in Excel and an even more ingenious use of that tool. A must read if you want to say I really learned something great in Excel today.

Learn about this great trick here

15 digit limit in Excel

It’s my firm believe that understanding how something works gives you an edge in the use of that tool. This article brings you one step closer to understanding Excel and gives you an inside into a very important limitation of Excel and shows you how this effects even the simplest of calculations in Excel.

This limitation is described here

Flip the switch on conditional formatting 🙂

Conditional formatting is sometimes just as confusing as it is helpful. This great trick gives you the ability to turn conditional formatting on and off…
Learn how to do this here

Custom cell format that you must know in Excel

Since all that Excel recognizes are numbers and text, giving the numbers the right format is essential. Once you surpass the usual formats, custom formats come in. Now there are endless possibilities in Custom Cell formats, but formatting numbers is key.
Here’s a great place to start with custom format

A great Excel workout

Now working in Excel is like an Athlete in his stride. For an athlete to maintain his fitness, hard training must be endured. Same goes for an Excel “athlete”. This is a great exercise with a few tips and tricks that will keep your today’s Excel training in check.
Fill All Blank Cells in an Excel Range With a Desired Value

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