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Remove Blank Rows in Excel

How to remove blank rows in Excel? Let’s look at some examples for simple and complicated tables. Simple Table Let’s start with the following table. The table contains clean empty...

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AI in Excel – Part 1 – Flash Fill

Welcome to the brave new world of Artificial Intelligence in Excel! In this article, we’ll look at a powerful new feature called Flash Fill. It works by recognizing patterns of...

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Global Excel Summit 2022

Hello Excel Enthusiasts. We haven’t yet recovered from the Excel Virtually Global conference and the first-ever Bangladesh Excel Summit. And already there is a new big conference to speak about....

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Extending the Date Table – Part 2

We’re continuing our quest for beautiful and dynamic dashboards. We make the greatest strides towards that by simply extending the date table with four important columns: YM Index, Running 13,...

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Banner Extending the Date Table

Extending the Date Table – Part 1

Let’s look at some crucial tools for creating polished dynamic dashboards. We always extend the date table with three important columns: YM Index, Running 13 and Current Month. Part one...

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XLOOKUP is finally here

Today is most definitely one of the most exciting days of this year for all Excel users out there. Today the endless discussions about whether people should use VLOOKUP or...

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