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Utilizing Power Query Lists 3/3

Dynamically retaining only columns that contain Actual values from a Table This article is part 3 of the Using Power Query lists series. In this series, we will look at...

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XLOOKUP is finally here

Today is most definitely one of the most exciting days of this year for all Excel users out there. Today the endless discussions about whether people should use VLOOKUP or...

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Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018

The Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018

Jan Karel Pieterse and Tony de Jonker will give Excel enthusiasts reason for joy on the 7th and 8th of June 2018. This longest running Excel Conference in Europe is returning for the...

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The Unlock Excel Conference - Gašper Kamenšek

Unlock Excel Conference – Australia

The Unlock Excel Conference  took place in April in three cities across Australia. I joined Excel MVP’s Liam Bastick (SumProduct LLC), Jon Peltier (Peltier Tech), Ken Puls (Excel Guru), Mynda...

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Ultimate Vlookup is PowerQuery

Ultimate Vlookup alternative? (Part 1)

Almost a year ago, more precisely in May of 2017 a site called defeat excel invited 27 Excel Experts (including myself) to end the endless debate of Vlookup vs. Index-Match...

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XL Shortcut

Readers of Excel Unplugged know that I am a big believer in using keyboard shortcuts to be fast and more efficient in Excel. There are a lot of good resources...

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