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Global Excel Summit 2022

Hello Excel Enthusiasts. We haven’t yet recovered from the Excel Virtually Global conference and the first-ever Bangladesh Excel Summit. And already there is a new big conference to speak about. The Global Excel Summit 2022. So mark your calendars from February 9th till February 11th. You will be Excelling :).

Global Excel Summit 2022 MasterClasses

There are (at the time of this writing) 6 Excel (one is technically Power BI 🙂 ) MasterClasses to choose from. Topics range from Financial Modeling to Data Visualisation, Power Query, and the New Data Types. The New Data Types MasterClass is also the one that I will be running. If you have Office 365 this is a must-see MasterClass. We will cover everything from the built-in data Types in Excel all the way to techniques used to build your own. And to wrap it all up I will show you why the New Data Types in Excel represent one of the most exciting developments in Excel recently (and there have been a lot 🙂 ).

I would recommend this MasterClass not only to Excel professionals but also to every IT department head who is looking for ways to share data throughout the company.

Global Excel Summit 2022 - Gašper Kamenšek MasterClass

And here is the best news about the MasterClasses. Right now there is an Early bird offer where you can get them for a very discounted price. And I can’t help feeling like a telemarketer saying that but that is not all. If you use the code GASPER10 at checkout you will get an additional 10% off.

Global Excel Summit 2022 - Gašper Kamenšek discount

You can check out all the MasterClasses topics and presenters here.

What is Global Excel Summit 2022?

In the absence of (almost) all in-person conferences, most events obviously migrated online. Whereas all events are of course doing their best to try and keep that In-Person “vibe” alive. But in doing so not many go beyond the sessions themselves with the Q/A part and one or two “Hangout” sessions.

GES takes things further than that. Last year there were designated AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions delivered by most speakers. There was a special Expo Hall where sponsors had virtual boots and you could reach out to them. With some, you could even chat in real-time. And this year there will be Multiple Carrer & development Lounge Rooms where you can start planning your MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification. Definitely worth writing home about :).

GES Agenda

Just as with the Excel Virtually Global conference, the Agenda for the GES reads as Who-is-Who of the Excel world. I counted over 15 Excel MVPs and many other (ExCel)ebrities. They will be delivering 26 sessions split into four different tracks. That means that everyone can at any time find a session that is interesting to them.

Value of Networking

Once upon a time, there were very few events where one could hang out with other Excel power users and of course with Excel MVPs. Basically, there was one. The Amsterdam Excel Summit. That was your only chance to meet and greed Excel MVPs. Then a lot more events started to appear. The Bulgaria Excel Days, The Excel Olympics Conference, Power BI Summer School, Excel Summit South, Excel weekend… At this point (that was 2019) there were numerous occasions where you could meet like-minded Excel enthusiasts and MVPs. But with the pandemic, things changed yet again, and there are not that many opportunities, especially for simulating networking achieved in these conferences. And that is worth almost as much as the sessions themselves.