Excel Unplugged

Custom Power BI Visuals by Zebra BI

This weeks post will be a short testament to a development venture by a few of my countrymen. Like most of Excel fans, I’m also a big fan of Power BI and it’s reporting capabilities. But having said that, the built-in visuals have often left me wishing I was in Excel and I could do a bit of customising. About two weeks ago I started playing around with Zebra BI Power BI visuals and I must admit, I was extremely impressed. Up to a point where I said to myself, people should hear about this and that is why I wrote this post.

Zebra BI Power BI Visuals

If BI reporting is something you do regularly, than you need to try this out. You can see them in action here:
And you can see what they can do in this webinar: