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Add data to your Chart (the easy way)

(as simple as Copy and Paste)

Add data to your Chart (the easy way)

This is our sample data. First we select the data for all days but only for the first three months and press Alt + F1. That is the best Chart Shortcut you can know. Whereas in Excel 2003 both F11 (which creates the chart on its own sheet then and now) and Alt + F1 did exactly the same, since Excel 2007 Alt + F1 creates the default chart on the same sheet next to your data. So we get this.

Add data to your Chart (the easy way)

Now we wish to add the May column to our chart. Now many may know the “just stretch the blue rectangle to the desired column method”,

Add data to your Chart (the easy way)

but you cannot add the May column without adding April.

But guess what. You can do this even faster. All you have to do is to select the data you want to add and press Ctrl + C (Copy).

Add data to your Chart (the easy way)

Now select the Chart and simply press Ctrl + V (Paste).

Add data to your Chart (the easy way)

And that is it. As the subtitle promised, as simple as Copy and Paste J, you simply paste the new data into your Chart.

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  1. Gretchen says:

    And if you don’t use Ctrl + V, click in a white section outside of the plot area – in the Chart Area, right click and select paste.

    Of course the easiest way is to Format you data as a Table before you create the chart. Since the chart is based on a table and a table grows, when you add new data to the table the chart will pick it right up.

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