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New Charts in Excel 2016

Up to Excel 2016, if you wanted to create advanced and special charts, your best option was Jon Peltier. He created great Excel charting add-ins. My favorite is the advanced edition of his charting utility. Now there are still many things and fine-tuning that you can only do if you have that add-In but with Excel 2016, quite a few new charting options are available.

Waterfall Chart

It’s been a long time coming and I’m guessing the biggest wish that users had when it comes to charting. And now, in Excel 2016 you will be able to create your own waterfall charts with one click.

New Charts in Excel 2016

New Charts in Excel 2016

Box & Whisker Chart

Every time you have data that is distributed, as the Schools results by courses are bellow.


New Charts in Excel 2016

You can show that distribution with a Box & Whisker Chart.

New Charts in Excel 2016

New Charts in Excel 2016

Brilliant right? But the last one is even greater.


Showing data over many hierarchies is never easy and up to now, not many options were available in Excel but now, for just a few levels of hierarchy, a Treemap is a perfect chart for that.

New Charts in Excel 2016

New Charts in Excel 2016

New Charts in Excel 2016

But it gets even better.


This is my favorite charting option in Excel 2016. Able to show much more levels, here is Sunburst.

New Charts in Excel 2016

New Charts in Excel 2016

Now this really takes any Data Analyst or Dashboard designer one step closer to eternal happiness 🙂

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  1. Raphael Santos says:

    Hi Gašper. Great post!

    I am wondering that this charts are only available in some versions of the new Excel 2016. Am I right?

    I am actually using the Home Premium version of Excel 2016 (I have an Office 365 account), and for me these new charts aren´t available.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      they are just not a part of a public preview versions yet. I’ve gotten to see and use them at the Excel Amsterdam Summit and when I was talking about Excel 2016 at our local Microsoft Conference. They will become public shortly and then they will be available in all versions of Excel 2016.

      1. Martin Glimmerveen says:

        Ah, that explains why I can’t find them. Do you have any idea when they might come available?

        1. Hi,
          the word from Microsoft is that it’s in the latest build, so the build currently available should contain the new charting options.

  2. Raphael Santos says:

    Hi Gašper,

    Thank you for sharing! It is really cool to know that the charts will be available soon 🙂

  3. Oz says:

    Gašper, c’mon! you’re teasing us!

    I’m sitting here on the patio of a bar, having a beer. I stopped. Pulled out my laptop. Generated some dummy data in Excel … no tree charts. YET.

    … and my beer is warm now. You owe me $4.

    1. @Oz – sorry man, if or when you come to Slovenia, I will buy you one of them great beers we have in Slovenia 🙂 I do love the enthusiasm although 🙂

      1. Oz says:

        Yes! I have to get to Slovenia.

        I’m looking forward to these new charts. This is going to be really good because it’ll help Excel users do some of the things that hardcore coders are doing. And I can envision some really cool infograms built from the new charts.

  4. 100tsky says:


    yes, now there is the waterfall chart in Excel 2016, but I couldn’t make the last “total” column on the chart like in your example/screen 4 540

    1. 100tsky says:

      My fault
      right click and “set as total”

  5. Rodolfo says:

    I like the extended menu of charts. However, my wishes are more modest. I want to be able to input not only a value but also a formula as the maximum value in the Y axis of a Scatter chart. Can I do this in 2016 version? Many thanks, Rodolfo
    PS: When I plot a line whose highest point is 10, the Y axis will extend to 11 or 12 or 15 depending on the Major Unit. In addition, many times, I want the minimum value to be greater than 0, Excel´s default.

  6. Oz says:

    The charts are finally available!!!

  7. Ric says:

    Are these charts commonly available on Excel 2016 now? I have just installed the whole suite, singed in, but the chart types are not shown. I downloaded the sample data from the office blog on its new charts – when I open it the chart box has the message that this chart type is not available in this version of Excel.
    Thanks for any advice.

    1. As far as I know, all full Office 2016 versions include this charts so could it be that it’s not Office 2016?

      1. Ric says:

        Hi Gaspar –

        I am told my the MS Excel 2016 community that they have not yet been included. Awaiting further updates.

        Best regards, Ric

  8. WEBMARKA says:

    Box Whisker chart adds a visual angle to Excel’s statistical functionality, creating a simple snapshot view of the data’s characteristics.

  9. Sohail says:

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if we can generate the Treemap, Sunbust, Histogram Etc chart from Power Pivot Excel 2016?
    Thank you!


    1. Since you can only create a Pivot Table from Power Pivot Data, and both charts you mention cannot be created with the Pivot Table being the source, the answer is sadly no… But you can do a bit of magic with Power Query (Get & Transform) where you create a Pivot Table from Power Pivot and then pull it into Power Query and transform it as you desire, then drop it in as a regular table…
      This will give you the refresh capabilities that you desire and seamlessly create a chart on Power Pivot Data.

  10. chad s says:

    Where can I go to download this chart package

    1. This charts are not a part of some package that you can download, they are built into Excel 2016. So if you have Excel 2016, then these new charts are available.

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