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Excel Shortcut of the year

On February 3rd this year I published a post titled My Excel Shortcut of the Year. Now, only two months later, I’m passing the flattering title on to another shortcut. Ctrl + ‘

Ctrl + ‘

If you haven’t heard of this already, brace yourselfJ. In cell A1 write a formula, function or any constant entry you want. Now go to the cell bellow that (A2) and press Ctrl + ‘.

Excel Shortcut of the year

Guess what, you get an identical entry right away. Yet another big step towards eternal happiness.

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  1. Meni Porat says:

    If you have a formula in A1
    if you key: CTRL+’ – the FORMULA will be copied.
    if you key: CTRL+SHIFT+’ – the FORMULA’S VALUE will be copied.

    1. @Meni
      You are right and thanks for that, but that one has an issue. It doesn’t work on every keyboard layout. The shortcut for the value is actually Ctrl + ” which in some countries is Ctrl + Shift + ‘, for some it’s Ctrl + Shift + 2 and so on…

  2. Meni Porat says:


    Yes, we all know that the UI (user interface) of Excel might operate differently on other languages. At least in the English UI it works as I explained.

    Best Regards.

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